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We wanted to add a page to our website so that the owners of our pups could let you know why they decided to get a Scotiasky puppy.

Richard who has Wesley,  a pup from Sky's second litter,  suggested that we call this page "Scotiasky The Reason Why" unfortunately we are only allowed to use 20 letters and this title had 21.

 Since the meaning of Clan is family or offspring we decided that this title was quite fitting as we do keep in touch with our Leo families and viseversa.

Billy & Simone  who have Lucy 

When we decided to add another dog to our life, our preference and research pointed us in the direction of a giant breed, the Leonberger.

The first book we bought, The Ultimate  Encyclopedia of Dogs , describes the Leonberger as "These are powerful, self-confident dogs but entirely good-natured" and this is exactly our experience with our Leonberger, Lucy, from Sky’s second litter now almost 7 months old. She has been very well socialised, is not scared of anything, incredibly kind to us, our other dog – a Collie-Cross-, and all other dogs and humans (big and small).

Adding a big dog to your life, you need to be sure you have all the time a "giant" puppy needs, as she/he will very soon be big, in our case very quickly becoming bigger than our Collie Cross.

The most important thing of all though is, and please this is important, the place where you buy your dog. It needs to be absolutely perfect. Just meeting Linda, Stephen and the Scotiasky Leonbergers, we knew. Molly, Sky and Ginty are in excellent shape, they are on the BARF Diet (just check the scotiasky website), and all the dogs in their pack are sociable because they are exposed from a young age to different people and dogs.

We tell everyone with pride where we got Lucy from, Linda and Stephen are not professional breeders. They love Leonbergers and want to share it with everyone who is interested. And it shows, Molly, Sky, Ginty and all offspring are healthy, sociable, kind, gentle and just big Teddybears.

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