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Lovely Leos
My parents have always had Border Collies and I have always thought that I would have Border Collies if I was in a position to have a dog..but..having seen these Leos and having done some research on them, I can't help but feel drawn to the beautiful Leonbergers. Unfortunatley I have an 18 yo dog-hating cat, but when the time comes when I am in a position and the time is right, this definately the breed I would consider. Your dogs are so beautiful!
Posted by Jane Wilby on 17 December 2012
Thanks for visiting our site Jane. Hopefully when the time is right you will find the dog for you. Linda
Posted by on 04 January 2013
hi came across your website as i am researching all i can about leos as i fell in love with them when i seen one it the first time i felt i could take another pet on after losing my beloved dog charlie in june and i also wondered if u could tell me if there will be another show at ingleston 2013 as i would love to take hubby and show him how amazing these dogs are . i loved the pictures of yours and their puppies all are gorgeous kind regards ann
Posted by ann wild on 15 November 2012
Thanks for visiting our site Anne. Sorry that you lost your beloved dog Charlie. I'm sure that there will Leos at Ingilston this year and that your husband will fall in love with them once he meets some.
Posted by on 04 January 2013
Hi Guys...Ozzy has settled in so well!!!! I never thought I'd be so lucky to find another Leo like Otis an Saul...but I have!!! What a sweet little guy this is...thanks ever so much Linda and Steven..another beautiful bundle of joy to love!!! xxx
Posted by Natalie on 12 May 2012
Our pleasure. So pleased that he has settled in well with his new family:-)
Posted by on 12 May 2012
Met Angus tonight just before he goes to his new home. What a character.Just got to find out more about these great dogs.We lost our big GSD a while back and dont know what to replace him with.hmmmm.
Posted by Derek Hunter on 06 May 2012
LOL...that must be one confused puppy!!!! Yeah, we have decided on Ozzy :)))))) goes well with Otis...and it's the only name we all (kinda) agree on. Not long to go now!!!
Posted by Natalie on 25 April 2012
I think that Ozzy really suits him :-)
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lovely leos
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Small Leo World
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beautiful pups
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Wow how beautiful!
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Hi there =)
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Greetings from Norway :)
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Great News!
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congratulations !
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